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rakhia 27 October 2023 0 Comments

It is estimated that 51% of companies across the globe use at least 8 channels to interact with their customers across touchpoints. This is indicating towards the fast evolving retail sector that has moved beyond the brick and mortar setups and is leveraging the potential of several online channels to reach out to their customers. 

In this day and age, it’s crucial for retailers to stay ahead with advanced omnichannel solutions that can potentially assist them in their journey.

Omnichannel solutions are providing the necessary digital boost to the retail sector and assisting retailers in enhancing customer experience across multiple channels and setups. And with transformation in technology, the omnichannel solutions keep on offering new features that fuel growth and business outcomes in the retail sector. A few of these become trends and others are just overlooked by the users, based on what value that they add to the overall business success. 

In this article we will talk about top 3 omnichannel retail tech trends and how they can benefit the retail industry.

Personalized Experience

Every buyer is different and purchases different products. Helping your consumers find the product they like without much hassle is the first step towards building their trust amongst them. If you show them what they are actually looking for on the devices and browsers they use, you can gain their loyalty. It is done with the help of advanced features and algorithms that omnichannel solutions use. The omnichannel can easily help you manage your products and their information and show relevant content to your customers.

Along with this, powerful omnichannel retail solutions help you keep your customer information handy. For example, you can send personalized offers to your customers based on their purchase history, give discounts to loyal customers when required and thereby provide them an enhanced personalised experience.

Engagement & Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are trending across the retail industry. They’re one of the most important steps towards achieving your business goals. Loyalty programs help in retaining customers and building long-standing relationships with them. Omnichannel retail solutions with the latest features help management teams have all information related to sales and which channels customers are using to buy from them. They can also keep track of every customer’s details and use them to enhance engagements by communicating frequently through messages, emails or calls.

If you are a retailer and are using an omnichannel retail solution, you can also chalk out loyalty programs for your customers and enhance the overall customer experience. These loyalty programs can be targeted towards specific customers based on their buying habits or can be for all. You can decide what’s best for you by leveraging the capabilities of omnichannel solutions that help you understand how customers are buying from you and what products are selling the best. 

Better Product Management

The latest omnichannel solutions help you manage your products better and collaborate with disparate sales, management and marketing teams over product information. This helps you have a better understanding of your overall business and chalk out the best strategies that you need to implement for your retail business. You can show relevant content to your customers across all customer touch points and reap the augmented business results.

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