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rakhia 26 August 2021 0 Comments

As a sales rep, you might often find yourself overwhelmed by a high volume of manual processes in your day-to-day sales cycle. This can easily take your focus away from what you do best, selling. 

If you are a person who wants to reduce the high volume of manual tasks and work with an organized, structured process, a quality CRM software is just what you need. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud can be the solution which will not just let you manage customer relationships effectively, but also handle and analyze data, metrics and notes, and access all of this in one central location. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud easily outscores all other CRM platforms. It offers you a standardized process which needs minimal customization, increases and improves collaboration with your teammates and boosts your productivity. 

Sales Cloud is faster to deploy than other CRM platforms, and integrates natively with all existing applications. The benefits of Sales Cloud are evident in these key numbers. Organizations using Salesforce Sales Cloud have seen a 35% increase in sales productivity, 30% increase in lead conversion and 25% increase in customer revenue.

Still on the fence about whether Salesforce Sales Cloud will enhance your productivity?

Read this blog to know how you can drive increased productivity with Sales Cloud and improve the overall efficiency of your sales organization.

Quick Configuration

Depending on the nature of your business, the configuration and deployment of Salesforce Sales Cloud can take as little as four to six weeks for a quick, out-of-the-box start. It can be configured to support organizations of different sizes. Configuring your CRM with Salesforce Sales Cloud will always give you a better, easier alignment with your processes.

Drive business change through smart adoption

Even the best tools require a smart, calculated adoption strategy to drive business change. Here are some suggestions as to how you can effectively adopt Salesforce Sales Cloud into your everyday routine

  • Using Salesforce Sales Cloud extensively- When you enter all your data into the Salesforce Sales Cloud, you will get full credit for building your pipeline and closing more deals.
  • Making Salesforce Sales Cloud the measure of your success- You can set monthly pipeline and sales targets into the Salesforce Sales Cloud. This will make your team members accountable for all the data visible in the reports and dashboards. 
  • Running every sales meeting and forecast call out of Salesforce Sales Cloud- With a single, centralized source of truth, you don’t have to use other apps to make points or take notes. You can do it all through the Salesforce Sales Cloud. 
  • Driving change through social- Your sales team shouldn’t just be taking calls, but also be active on social forums which let you share your gains and losses with your colleagues. Salesforce Chatter, the enterprise social network, makes it very easy for sales reps to view who has the most leads, who is lagging behind and find out why. 
  • Staying mobile- You should be able to bring your best to the table, irrespective of where you are and what device you are using. The Salesforce1 Mobile App will ensure that you are on the ball with your customers, wherever you may be. It also gives managers complete visibility by allowing them to instantly access sales leadership dashboards.
  • Automating manual tasks and processes- Sales reps spend 64% of their time not selling. This clearly means that a major chunk of their time is spent on manual tasks. 

Sales Cloud lets you automate thousands of tasks and business processes. This includes pricing approvals, travel reports and record updates, so you can focus on selling.

Native Integration

Salesforce Sales Cloud makes it easy to explore native integrations with several applications. Sales Cloud integrates with your popular applications such as HubSpot, LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, Office365 and many others.

Sales Cloud uses simple, powerful, and secure APIs to ensure a seamless connection with all of your favorite business apps. 

Working Smarter through Salesforce Sales Cloud

When you are faced with an overwhelming amount of customer and sales data, having a centralized source to sift through this data and uncover the best leads, opportunities and insights is essential. Salesforce Sales Cloud’s single source of truth gives you all key information you need in a single place. This helps keep your focus purely on sales.

Working with Salesforce Sales Cloud, you can be assured of

  • Faster configuration
  • Increased collaboration and performance
  • Connectivity anywhere, anytime
  • Native integration with your existing applications
  • Scalability with every type of business
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