How Salesforce CRM can help you boost your retail business amidst the new normal?

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rakhia 27 October 2023 0 Comments

COVID-19 has undoubtedly created fluctuations in the retail business industry. During the lockdown, retail purchases all over the world were affected, witnessing a huge drop in consumer demands and dramatic shifts in buying patterns.

The main factors that affected retailers in these unprecedented times were the high cost of operations, non-availability of products and transportation issues.

It has become imperative for businesses, especially retail, to shift swiftly from conventional channels to digital modes of selling to adapt and thrive in this new normal.

A complete digital transformation by adopting omnichannel, cloud-based CRM to help retailers overcome disruptions and regain customer confidence is the need of the hour in these unprecedented times. First, let us look at five ways how retailers can innovate, stay relevant in these unprecedented times and boost business.

Acquire customers through smarter targeting

There’s been a clear rise in customers buying online. Shoppers can continue to make use of shopping apps, messaging platforms, social media, smart speakers and other such means to make purchases. Brands can also provide customers with experiences and transaction opportunities on channels that they’re most comfortable shopping from. Customers always spend time on channels of their choice. Hence it becomes very important to be able to target the right customer on the right channel, giving them the right offer at the right time.

Providing a seamless shopping experience

Customers want a seamless shopping experience across every platform, be it the web, social media, mobile or the store. With omnichannel order management capabilities, shoppers can buy anywhere and retailers can sell anywhere, at any time.

Increasing conversion and customer loyalty

It is important to have genuine conversations with shoppers, in their preferred channels. By personalizing every conversation and empowering customer service agents to respond faster, you will ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty in the long run.

Personalizing every path to purchase

A key facet of CRM is personalizing the buying experience. Personalization platforms driven by Machine Learning which offer companies an opportunity to engage their customers with digital experiences and adjust automatically to changing sentiment and behaviour in real-time are extremely crucial.

There are many personalization techniques that retail businesses can advance during this crisis.

Salesforce CRM integrates well with eCommerce business personalization solutions to retain existing customers and get new customers as well.

Improving merchandise agility and visibility

Retailers have been working behind the scenes to minimize disruption to their supply chains. Building on this, retailers should also be able to provide customers with inventory visibility updated to the minute. This gains more importance now, as customers are becoming more selective about how they shop, and what they choose to buy. Customers shouldn’t have to risk visiting a physical store, only to find out that the particular product they were looking for isn’t available. Your website should show what products are available, so customers know exactly what they want before making a visit to the store.

Wrapping up

The customer demand for a seamless, frictionless shopping experience online or offline hasn’t really changed. However, since the pandemic, these demands have gained a lot more importance. Having a good omnichannel, cloud-based CRM goes a long way in getting rid of possible points of friction and making the customer experience seamless and free of conflict. SalesforceCRM offers solutions which help enhance the customer buying experience by staying connected and delivering round-the-clock service. Seamless collaboration across different departments such as sales, marketing, store managers, inventory, supply chain and customer service increase customer satisfaction and boost revenue for the retail business. Order management through multiple channels helps in delivering smarter service and enhances customer loyalty in retail.

Retailers can also leverage customer data stored on SalesforceCRM to send targeted marketing campaigns across channels, thus improving the quality of prospects through relevant engagement and boosting the sales pipeline.

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