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rakhia 27 October 2023 0 Comments
Build Better Customer Experience and improve conversion rate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

In the era of intense competition and accelerated tech transformation, consumer buying behavior has also been changing rapidly. Sticking to legacy methods can create challenges in delivering a seamless customer experience. 

The use of intelligent business systems will certainly help you in maintaining the existing customer base and also winning new customers. Salesforce commerce cloud, a feature-rich, cost-effective cloud-based eCommerce platform can help you enrich the customer experience and grow your conversion rate manifold.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Commerce Cloud lets you get in touch with shoppers at any time and through any channel by providing them with intelligent digital commerce solutions both online and in-store. Your business can elicit a lot of benefits by implementing the Salesforce commerce cloud. Here are some of them.

Seamless Digital Experience for Customers

Some of the best-applied practices such as eradicating unnecessary abandoned carts, optimizing checkout flows and payment accelerators will let you optimize the sales funnel and conversion rate. This, in turn, will give customers a seamless digital experience.

You can additionally build your social presence and establish your brand identity through the use of  social extensions available in the Salesforce B2C commerce cloud. 

With real-time access to digital storefronts, service agents can now increase the phone order rate and checkout on behalf of customers.

Scale up Marketing Efforts without IT Support

You can build, launch and boost marketing campaigns based on consumers’ demographics, psychographics, and behavior.

Personalizing the merchandising efforts and harnessing AI-powered recommendations will let you attract and build loyal customers, improve user retention rate, and increase the conversion rate.

You can also boost your organic presence by optimizing the products and categories pages through SEO tools and suggestions.

Reap the Benefits of AI

Eliminate unwanted searches and offer type-ahead suggestions personalized to every shopper with search recommendations.

You can boost your business conversions significantly with the help of AI-generated keyword suggestions which cover queries related to the product and category pages.

Analyze the purchasing behavior of customers and rework your selling strategy using sales commerce strategy, an AI-powered basket analysis dashboard.

Innovation and Scalability

You can use developer-friendly and Javascript-based tools for swift innovation and cater to business requirements.

The focus should be on developing mobile-first apps by using a complete development framework and scalable APIs, along with certified technology partners.

You can reduce the cost and time of website development with commerce cloud potent infrastructure.

Boost Online Revenue

You can capture the untapped market faster by optimizing all B2B functions to meet the requirements of wholesale partners. Your sales team will have the most accurate insights and analytics data so they can develop efficient sales strategies.

Engage Untapped Customer Base

It is essential to stay connected with your customers 24/7 and cater to their needs in real-time. You can do this by integrating your customer’s data with CRM and tracking sales, conversions, and all other customer activities.

Cater to Industry Needs

You can get frequent notifications to upgrade your business technology and ensure that your business strategy runs smoothly. You can also create innovative business models to cater to customers’ needs and adapt your business to the ever-fluctuating market.

It becomes easier to increase market coverage by launching your ecommerce store in record time and increase revenue by becoming the industry leader.

Jarvis Salesforce B2B and Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud Solutions

At Jarvis, we help you harness the features of Salesforce B2B commerce cloud and Salesforce B2C commerce cloud to connect and track all activities of your customers across every channel and give them a better shopping experience. 

Contact the experts at Jarvis and get started with your eCommerce transformation using Salesforce.