7 marketing challenges and how CRM can help

7 marketing challenges and how CRM can help

Technology is changing the landscape of digital marketing, and you should not be left behind in this revolution. Being an early adapter is of great importance in this competitive market.

However, even with technology, you could face challenges in your marketing if your customer data isn’t properly integrated, or your sales and marketing teams aren’t on the same page with their business goals, among other things.

Here are seven marketing challenges that you are likely to face without using a good CRM software on a day-to-day basis

Data integrity

The basic information that you have about your customers will keep changing. They could get promoted and change their job title. They could change their residential address. They could change their surname after marriage. Dynamic changes like these will change the segment of the market that you will be catering to. For both B2B and B2C marketers, it is essential to keep track of these changes. Having inaccurate or incomplete data will not only make it difficult to reach these customers, but also make it really challenging to get the right messaging across to them. How can you engage with your buyers when your systems do not reflect the most current customer data??

Integrating CRM with Social Media

When you know what your prospects like, share, or talk about on social media, it becomes that much easier to engage meaningfully with them. It becomes important to not just track the prospect’s journey on social media, but also to integrate it with your CRM platform. The challenge faced by marketers here is integrating the prospect’s social media data with their various internal systems accurately. 

Aligning Sales and Marketing

The primary goal of both B2B and B2C marketers is generating qualified leads. These leads should meet the criteria of the ideal buyer persona they are targeting. This goal differs from that of their sales colleagues, whose primary responsibility is to close as many deals as possible by prospecting buyers. In essence, with their goals and core responsibilities being different, marketing and sales function as two different entities and it can be difficult to get them aligned on the same page over common business goals

Mapping the customer journey

Customers go through different stages across multiple devices before they eventually make a purchase decision. They may see an ad on their smartphone web browser, follow your brand on Facebook or Twitter, search for a product on their tablet, and finally buy it using their laptop. Studies suggest that between 41% and 65% of all purchases involve multiple devices. Marketers are only identifying a small share of these purchases made through multiple devices. To interact effectively with leads, you should be able to identify where they are in their personalized customer journey and predict where they are likely to go next. You should also be able to predict what channel they will use for that next step.

Identifying new prospects

When you have incomplete customer data, you are likely to miss identifying a potential customer. For instance, the prospect’s smartphone cookies may indicate that they aren’t interested in a particular product, while their laptop browser may indicate otherwise.

Incomplete or inaccurate data of this kind can prove to be rather costly. When you are looking to grow your sales funnel, you have to be able to identify these customers and build brand loyalty in the long run.

Keeping the customer experience consistent

Incomplete or fragmented data can also lead to an inconsistent and frustrating customer experience. When you do not realize that multiple identifiers represent the same customer, you might well end up reaching out to that same customer several times, offering them something they might already have taken. For example, offering them a coupon for a product they already purchased. This will not just annoy the prospect, it will also end up damaging your company’s reputation.

Maintaining privacy

Marketers have to constantly uphold privacy standards while still using customer data to enhance their marketing. Privacy holds even greater significance in this day and age where there is so much of customer data available in the public domain, and this data is liable to be misused. Key information that identifies an individual, such as name email, address, or street address must not be stored on any data management platform. 


In the digital-first world, eCommerce enterprises have to deliver consistent, seamless experiences across all customer channels to retain them and also grow their customer base. 

Jarvis provides the latest technology solutions to leaders in the CRM space to ensure a holistic customer experience. Their dynamic and constantly evolving omnichannel solutions ensure that customers receive seamless omnichannel experiences across touchpoints and their journey is mapped at all these points, without compromising on their privacy. 

As technology partners, Jarvis delivers constantly engaging online experiences that have helped boost sales and rapidly improve customer retention rates for online commerce enterprises. They also have the ability to develop products for customers, and to launch and maintain them.  

So, are you ready to transform customer experience through technology?

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Top 3 omnichannel retail tech trends and benefits

Top 3 omnichannel retail tech trends and benefits

It is estimated that 51% of companies across the globe use at least 8 channels to interact with their customers across touchpoints. This is indicating towards the fast evolving retail sector that has moved beyond the brick and mortar setups and is leveraging the potential of several online channels to reach out to their customers. 

In this day and age, it’s crucial for retailers to stay ahead with advanced omnichannel solutions that can potentially assist them in their journey.

Omnichannel solutions are providing the necessary digital boost to the retail sector and assisting retailers in enhancing customer experience across multiple channels and setups. And with transformation in technology, the omnichannel solutions keep on offering new features that fuel growth and business outcomes in the retail sector. A few of these become trends and others are just overlooked by the users, based on what value that they add to the overall business success. 

In this article we will talk about top 3 omnichannel retail tech trends and how they can benefit the retail industry.

Personalized Experience

Every buyer is different and purchases different products. Helping your consumers find the product they like without much hassle is the first step towards building their trust amongst them. If you show them what they are actually looking for on the devices and browsers they use, you can gain their loyalty. It is done with the help of advanced features and algorithms that omnichannel solutions use. The omnichannel can easily help you manage your products and their information and show relevant content to your customers.

Along with this, powerful omnichannel retail solutions help you keep your customer information handy. For example, you can send personalized offers to your customers based on their purchase history, give discounts to loyal customers when required and thereby provide them an enhanced personalised experience.

Engagement & Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are trending across the retail industry. They’re one of the most important steps towards achieving your business goals. Loyalty programs help in retaining customers and building long-standing relationships with them. Omnichannel retail solutions with the latest features help management teams have all information related to sales and which channels customers are using to buy from them. They can also keep track of every customer’s details and use them to enhance engagements by communicating frequently through messages, emails or calls.

If you are a retailer and are using an omnichannel retail solution, you can also chalk out loyalty programs for your customers and enhance the overall customer experience. These loyalty programs can be targeted towards specific customers based on their buying habits or can be for all. You can decide what’s best for you by leveraging the capabilities of omnichannel solutions that help you understand how customers are buying from you and what products are selling the best. 

Better Product Management

The latest omnichannel solutions help you manage your products better and collaborate with disparate sales, management and marketing teams over product information. This helps you have a better understanding of your overall business and chalk out the best strategies that you need to implement for your retail business. You can show relevant content to your customers across all customer touch points and reap the augmented business results.

Why Jarvis?

Jarvis offers you an advanced cloud-based omnichannel solution that breaks the siloed customer experience, realigns the overall product management and helps you go to market faster. The latest features of Hybris help you reach out to your customers with a better understanding of your retail business spread across channels and stores and get the desired business outcomes.

Learn more about Hybris.  Talk to the experts and revolutionize your retail business to stay in sync with the current trends. 


Why adoption of Salesforce based solutions amidst this pandemic is paramount

Why adoption of Salesforce based solutions amidst this pandemic is paramount

The sharp growth in the demand for online commerce has been accompanied by a wide-ranged evolution in CRM technology, especially in the B2C space. CRM solution providers have rapidly embraced the shifting dynamics of the retail sector and are now offering cutting-edge features and CRM based solutions, specially curated to address the needs of the retailers.

Amongst all the CRMs present in the market, Salesforce CRM has been chosen as the most popularly used in the world. Its applications are extremely beneficial and have the potential to drive eCommerce business to success faster and better both amidst the pandemic and otherwise.

Salesforce CRM revolutionizes customer experience, and thus enables retailers to quickly scale their business. 

Precise and Personalized Customer Experience 

Have you searched for a particular item from your browser and later found your social media news feed bombarded with products that you viewed or added to your cart? That’s the tip of personalization! This is done with the help of technologies that can track your preferences and then offer contextual information as you browse, to increase chances of engagement and thereby conversions.. 

Salesforce based solutions can help you nail such personalization techniques and get more customers to engage with your products and influence purchase decisions!

Learn more about such Salesforce capabilities from the experts. Book a free consultation.

Get More Time to Focus on Your Core Business

Salesforce based solutions can automate a plethora of cumbersome tasks that needs to be done manually otherwise and save time and energy for you. You can focus on your products and management better, rule out inefficiencies in the processes and address your customers better.

More so, amidst the pandemic when retailers are racing to enhance their online brand presence and win the battle to emerge as the best retailer. You need to be smarter than the others!

The best way to do it is by making your workflow smarter with Salesforce solutions. And before implementing the solutions, it’s crucial that you consult the experts in the arena and learn about your immediate requirements first. Book your slot now!

Manage Orders Better

From lead generation to revenue generation, order management includes a range of business chores. Moreover, managing orders is one of the most important functionality of any business that needs utmost attention. Salesforce based applications can help streamline order management and give it the right kick to become more efficient and effective. 

The applications help you to precisely act upon different order placements, process the orders accurately, track shipments,  deliveries and finally the customer feedback for each and every product that you deliver.

Learn more from the experts at Jarvis. Get your hands-on  demo of SalesforceCRM. We’ll help you utilize the features in your benefit so that you stay ahead of the competition amidst the pandemic. Reach out to your potential customers and grab the market in the easiest and most professional way possible.

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What benefits can you get by adopting omnichannel retail solutions?

What benefits can you get by adopting omnichannel retail solutions?

Omnichannel Retail Solutions: Decoding the benefits

Sell where your customers are! That’s the first step towards your retail success amidst the widely shifting customer behaviour and their growing preferences towards online shopping.

Retailers need to adopt omnichannel solutions right away to enhance their digital presence, gain more customer attention, increase store footfalls and stay ahead of the competition. When done right, retailers can cope up with the market needs with ease. 

Omnichannel retail has a plethora of benefits that’s attracting businesses to adopt to it with rapidity. Here are a few of the benefits of transforming your business with a cloud-based omnichannel retail solution.

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Omnichannel Retail Solutions effectively break siloed customer experiences

Customer experience is directly proportional to how well the retailer is able to manage products and deliver services across selling channels. An omnichannel solution does away with the need for disparate systems and methods that retailers typically use to manage products. It helps build wholesome strategies and plan better customer interaction while mapping user journeys as they buy products and interact with various businesses/brands. Omnichannel is built over one single motive – To help in the seamless collaboration between departments such as sales, marketing and branding and thus strategize better for your retail business.

An omnichannel solution helps in showcasing relevant products and services to customers across all channels and enhances the retail experience for them. The solution helps in providing relevant product information across all channels. This ensures that the most latest product information is available to customers and your teams –  thereby rules enhancing sales and customer experiences.

A robust omnichannel solution boosts Product Content Management

Retailers having more than one store or channel to sell their products often face the discomfort of managing the content that goes out to the customer base. More often than, retailers struggle with having various versions of product information available across various touch points – both while in production, sales and on store-fronts.  This causes confusion in the mind of the customers and increases the probability of losing the chance to gain another sale. 

A cloud-based omnichannel retail solution effectively nullifies this impediment and helps retailers to keep product related content at one place irrespective of the location they are selling from. It also helps them to provide their customers with a unified experience across all stores.

Retailers can manage their product content better, curate effective strategies based on the results that a product earns and enhance both CX and business outcomes.

Omnichannel Solutions empowers customers to have control over their purchases

What can be better than offering customers a retail experience where they can enjoy the privilege of buying their favorite products from any channel they wish to? For example, if a customer visits your store, likes a product and decides to buy it a day later due to any reason, the solution tracks their preferences and allows them to do so. An omnichannel solution would help them to buy your product through an online channel using any browser of their choice in the comfort of their homes.

An omnichannel solution with the above mentioned capability increases trust in your brand and augments the chances of buying from you more often – increasing brand loyalty and making your businesses a favourite among peers in the market

Hybris, the true cloud-based omnichannel solution for all your needs

Hybris is one of the most sought after omnichannel solutions in the market used by big brands and key players in the retail sector worldwide. Thanks to its effective features that empower retailers of today to cope up with the ever-evolving demands of the market and rapidly changing customer moods. 

Hybris makes multichannel customer experiences more interactive and efficient and helps retailers scale their businesses faster. The cutting edge solution assists ambitious retailers to seamlessly realign their product management and go to market with their products faster. It helps in boosting customer loyalty and sales.

Book a consultation with the experts and learn how you can be benefited by the unmatched capabilities of Hybris that transforms retailing for good.

Talk to the experts at Jarvis. 


E-Commerce Business during the time of COVID19

E-Commerce Business during
the time of COVID19

Covid19 is one of the greatest tragedies of mankind in the last century. It is continuing to create adverse effects on economies around the globe. The hospitality and the travel industries are bearing the worst kind of brunt, followed by restaurants and bars, manufacturing sectors,etc.

Meanwhile consumer behaviours have been changing too. E-Commerce is taking over the traditional brick and mortar setups and is booming with the speed of light. 

Although the increase has been quite consistent in the last few years, the Covid19 pandemic has now considerably changed the consumer behaviour in just about a few weeks. The increase in the shift is huge now and retailers are toppling to cope with this evolving consumer behaviour. To survive such a shift retailers and ecommerce business enthusiasts must understand 

  • The impacts on the eCommerce business
  • What are the strategies to deal with it 
  • How to scale in the most profitable way
  • How to sustain the business growth

Here is a write up to guide you through.

Covid19 has affected eCommerce Businesses, but for Good!

There’s been a 129% year-over-year growth in U.S. & Canadian e-commerce orders as of April 21 and an impressive 146% growth in all online retail orders.

This is only in the United States, however the numbers in other nations such as India are also quite exciting.

The e-commerce market in India is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.6% between 2019 and 2023

One one hand, this is enormous news for the retail sector that is leveraging eCommerce channels already. And on the other hand, this also raises a few questions as to how to grow and sustain as a business online amidst the increasing competition. 

Here is the deal: If an online retail business can provide a better customer experience, they will stand out. People will remember them and buy more from them.

And if you are looking for ways to do it right, then the first thing that you should consider is to implement a robust Product Content Management module that Hybris can provide.

Product Content Management plays an important role in providing better CX

If you can streamline the ways to manage your products and the related content for the same, you are halfway through getting your buyers to buy from you.

When a buyer shops online, they look for several pieces of information and answers to the questions about the service or a product. If you identify the buyer behaviour and showcase the content they are looking for, you are more likely to convert.

Hybris allows you to keep all product related content in one place. It acts as a one-stop shop for your product management, sales and marketing teams to have a clear knowledge about all the required product information and show it uniformly through all channels to the target customers. 

This helps you function better and provide a seamless experience for your customer without any glitch.

With Hybris, you can rearrange your products and related information across disparate channels and reach out to your customers with rapidity.

We make it easier for you to show your customers what they are looking for before your competitor does. And that’s exactly what you need to sell better and thus strive in this competitive era of online retail.

Schedule a demo of Hybris and learn how you can grow your eCommerce business.

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