Key Capabilities of Salesforce CRM

Key Capabilities of Salesforce CRM

Organizations across industries and geographies recognize the importance of CRM and the impact it can have in providing better customer experiences. 

Statistics estimate that more than 90% of companies with 11 or more employees are using a CRM software for its ease of use and robust functionalities. But with so many options and vendors in the market, choosing the right CRM for your business can be quite challenging. 

In this blog we will walk you through the key capabilities you should look for. 

Salesforce is one of the largest and most popular cloud platform CRM providers in the world. Let’s look at the key capabilities and differentiators of Salesforce CRM.

Uniting teams across customers

Salesforce CRM platform enables you to connect with your customers intelligently by unifying sales, service, marketing, commerce, IT and analytics functions. This ensures that all these departments talk to each other and have the same information about their customers.

Shared customer view

Customers today expect a lot more value from your business. Having a shared view of these customers makes it a great deal easier for sales teams to close deals, marketing teams to market better, and business to grow. Salesforce has a best-in-class app for every phase of the customer’s journey, from lead to loyalty. 

Reduced workload

Empowered employees will undoubtedly serve their customers better. Salesforce lightens the heavy workload for both sales and marketing teams by doing the heavy lifting for business. Einstein AI, the in-built intelligence app, automates all the mundane, repetitive tasks. You can collaborate easily with teammates, even when working far apart by using the built-in Employee Experience features.  

Integrated data, easy access

The more you know, the better you will grow. Salesforce gives everyone in the organization the ability to easily access crucial data which eventually lets them make faster and smarter decisions. All the data inside and outside your CRM can be integrated through MuleSoft, an integrator which connects every system, application, data and device, whether it is on the cloud or on-premise, on a unified platform. 

Real-time analytics and data visualization

Get real-time analytics by bringing all important data together using Tableau, Salesforce’s AI-driven analytics tool. Tableau’s intuitive drag-and-drop analysis will let you spot visual patterns quickly, and share those interesting insights with your team members. A fully integrated data management and governance platform, filled with visual analytics, data storytelling and collaboration capabilities will eventually help sales teams improve their numbers significantly.  

Applicable to any industry

Salesforce has solutions pertaining to every industry. Whether the industry is big or small, they have customized solutions to support the capabilities you need most to grow and thrive. 

Additional benefits with more apps

Customers using more than one Salesforce CRM app have seen tremendous benefits. Let’s look at the numbers. 

  • 72% of customers using more than one app reported improved time to ROI. 
  • 95% of customers using more than two apps reported improved efficiency and productivity. 
  • 96% of customers say they have met or exceeded ROI expectations. 
In Conclusion

Whatever industry you work for, Salesforce’s CRM platform is versatile and has solutions customized for each industry. Contact our experts at Jarvis to find the best CRM solutions, tailored to your business.


Key capabilities of SAP Hybris that can make all the difference in your online commerce game

Key capabilities of SAP Hybris that can improve your online commerce game

Have your customer experience and sales taken a beating after the pandemic?  You’re not alone. Consumer behaviour has been transforming rapidly, and this has become more pronounced during the pandemic. The days of customers simply browsing for products online are long gone. In the age of social distancing, customers have been using an average of nine different channels to browse through product inventory, research all the available products, seek advice and make purchases. You have to provide customers with the same buying experience on all the different channels to keep up with these demands.

A highly scalable, cloud-based SaaS eCommerce solution can do this. 

SAP Hybris is a flexible and intelligent platform that is being used successfully by top global retailers. Your business can benefit tremendously from Hybris too. Read on to know how Hybris can help your retail business provide a superior customer experience.

Engage customers on their own terms

Changing consumer behaviour demands that brands need to adopt a flexible, trusted and intelligent platform to make commerce faster and smarter. 

SAP Hybris offers a suite of features that will transform how brands will connect with their customers at every stage of the customer journey. 

Hybris’ omni-channel B2B and B2C interaction tools let your business deliver customer needs wherever they are across your touchpoint channels. Hybris also lets you transform your customers from being just end users to active contributors to your processes, right from data collection to merchandising.

The omnichannel oversight that Hybris offers gives retailers far greater control, from discovery to engagement, transactions, analytics, customer service and relationship building.

It is not just omnichannel commerce, but unified commerce. Let’s look at some of the other key capabilities Hybris offers.

Integrated CRM framework

Customers today are looking for quick and meaningful real-time interactions and data processing over one-sided consumer touch points. SAP Hybris allows you to constantly engage with them through its integrated CRM framework. The software proactively fetches customer data through tested algorithms and provides insights to your front line sales personnel. This is crucial information for prospect and lead generation.

Headless commerce

By separating the front-end and back-end of your eCommerce application, brands can work on enriching the customer experience. Hybris lets you create your own mobile and digital storefronts using APIs, commerce developer toolkits and templates. Through headless commerce, you can:

  • Extend your business with interactions through progressive Web apps, chatbots and messengers, smart machines and devices
  • Experiment with different touchpoints and screens without any back-end constraints
  • Produce new digital experiences that increase customer engagement and conversions
  • Accelerate innovation with technology and creative partners working in parallel on an openly accessible platform 

Everywhere Commerce

SAP Hybris lets you acquire the core digital commerce capabilities to engage and transact with your customers across all channels. Here are some features that can help you build these capabilities:

Decoupled JavaScript storefront

This lets you create a progressive Web app (PWA) storefront to deliver the best possible experience on every device or location.

Powerful search capabilities

Powerful search capabilities let you promote the right products and let your customers find exactly what they’re looking for. Flexible built-in promotion capabilities will let you drive your sales and conversions effectively. SAP Hybris also offers plug-and-play integration that lets you deliver a scalable shopping cart and checkout experience for the customer. 

Personalised experiences

Providing personalised customer experiences is the key to winning more customers and improving sales. Hybris lets you give customers thoroughly individualized experiences through one-to-one personalisation and recommendations based on past customer behaviour, the insights for which are gained through machine learning. 

Digital commerce platform

It is easy to consolidate and publish all product data and product catalogs for consumption through a digital commerce platform. SAP Hybris gives customers easy access to all the product catalogs.

High-quality content

Hybris ensures high quality product content using built-in validation and workflow review for approval, bulk-edit, and mass-upload capabilities.

Easy to edit management interfaces

You can make quick and effective edits through an intuitive and easy-to-use management console.

Intuitive Web site editing

Simplify storefront management and edit your website through an intuitive What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Web site editing tool. 

Support for multiple storefronts

SAP Hybris lets you manage multiple storefronts for the brand and experience consistency using inherited components and built-in support for multiple touchpoints.

Wrapping up

It is time to provide a superior customer experience across all channels through the SAP Hybris platform. Consult our experts to know more about how adopting Hybris can transform your business and customer experience.